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Veracity is a blog devoted to truth (veracity), integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. Specifically, Veracity is devoted to how we can transform our personal lives, communities, and nations so that they are in harmony with these values. For instance, what would our government, educational system, economic system, or health-care system be like if they were to harmonize with our Founder’s emphasis on personal responsibility?

All of these values are related to honor. There was a time not all that long ago that honor was the most important quality a person could possess. Today, this word merely generates laughter and derision, but the tide will change. Whenever humanity has attempted to build a society devoid of honor, as we now have, that society did not long endure. It was always replaced by another one that still held the torch of honor on high, even though in all other ways the conquering hordes may have been far inferior to those they overcame. So will it be with us. The die is cast; we now only await the axe of change to fall.

Once our present society is brought to its knees under the weight of dishonor, it will be necessary for those with honor to preserve the good accomplishments of the past. This is the major purpose of Veracity. Think of it as the modern Noah's Ark, saving not the animals of the earth, but instead, cultivating the good and honorable through the coming transformation. With this concept in mind, Veracity desires to gather those who still are able to understand the concept of honor and are willing to live their lives according to this concept.

You might find many different ideas and concepts on Veracity. Each article is the well-intended opinion of its author and it is up to the reader to determine the value of its words. We warmly invite you to join us in addressing many things that have been done and are being done to place the welfare of the elite ahead of the best interests of humanity.


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